Women Around You

Today, we see women pursuing their careers and aspiring to make their mark in different fields, both in business and the community. With the unique set of challenges that they face, additional nurturing and support encourages them to further their identity.

Ms. Monali Dhavaskar – Country Head, Business Support, started the Women Around You (WAY) initiative in 2011. The WAY forum seeks to provide safeguarding, equal opportunities, and equal treatment for our female colleagues. We assist and encourage them with various activities throughout the year. With WAY, we aim to support, inspire, and challenge our female employees, hence, help them in their career progression at PMC.

The regular meetups and activities provide a distinct platform to our women employees to share their thoughts and identify their growth blockers – personal and professional. WAY is a unique platform that helps our women colleagues to share their knowledge and experience. We at PMC are continuously striving to grow the number of women in technology and leadership roles, by providing an environment of equality, mutual respect, and collaboration.

Why WAY?

At PMC, we believe every individual is equal, we have a Zero Tolerance Policy against discrimination of any kind. For us, as an organization, the focus has always been on gender parity. We are proud that our workplace is a representative of the community as a whole.

We incorporated our India office in 2008 with five male employees, today we have more than one-quarter of our population being women. We are proud that we have women at all the levels of hierarchy, graduated through to leadership. We are leaders in the industry, with a gender ratio much higher than the industry average.