Testing Services

Testing Services

PMC has over 13 years of retail testing experience, so we understand the impact poor testing will have on the long-term success of your IT projects.

We also understand that major projects with significant testing requirements may arise when you least expect them. Particularly when you don't have the right skills, resource, tools or methodologies in house to handle them. Our Testing Project Service could be the ideal solution you need to see your project through successfully.

The Benefits of using PMC Testing Service:

Minimise risk of project failure:

Whether you require an experienced Test Manager and/or test team, with or without proven tools or methodologies, we will provide you with everything you need at every stage of the project – from planning and strategy creation through to test execution and go live.

Increase speed to market:

Careful planning and continued testing throughout the project will ensure any major issues are identified and resolved early to reduce delays.

Improve software quality:

We bring proven test tools and methodologies developed over years of best practice to every project. You can be confident that your systems will be rigorously tested before they are released into the live environment.

Cut project costs:

Because you don't have to maintain a full time test manager and test team, or worry about additional overheads, you can cut costs and save time without sacrificing quality.

Why PMC?

Specialist retail knowledge

All of our expert testers have a retail background so they understand your environment, your needs and the issues you need to address throughout the test process.

Experienced & qualified Testers

Our pool of testers use our proven technologies and ensure high quality throughout.


Our Project Test Service is tailored to meet your needs. You can take as much or as little from the Project Service whenever you want. Whether you require a Test Manager on site to build a plan and a strategy with your in-house test team, or you require a fully qualified team based at our Head Office we can manage either for you.


We have the capability to rapidly increase the size of your testing team if and when you need us to.


We ensure retailers get the most out of their investment by providing you with affordable and dependable resources. We also offer discounts based on volume and mix of resourcing.