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At PMC we know the importance of delivering high-quality changes to the market swiftly and efficiently. Completing high-quality testing quickly, comprehensively, and cost-effectively can be the difference between a seamless release and a fire-fighting nightmare. Many organisations have considered implementing Automated Testing to speed up their delivery but may not have the expertise, time or budget to take this step.

Our proven approach to Automated Testing spreads the initial up-front investment typically required when implementing test automation, so return on investment is close to immediate. We also have the expertise to advise, strategise and point you in the right direction on your automation journey.

Book a FREE initial Test Automation Consultation with one of our experts to discover how you can:

  • Remove the barriers to delivering successful automated testing
  • Build a business case to present to your stakeholders
  • Remove the up-front cost of implementing test automation into your business
  • Reduce project costs and project duration
  • Find defects earlier and increase business confidence in releasesSpeed up the time to market
  • Achieve high-quality testing results

 Test automation allows you to be more agile in your operations, increasing the coverage, scope and quality of testing (including software versions and browser platforms) without extending your timescales. It’s ideal if your project has vast amounts of data to be analysed, or as the regression testing overhead increases, it will save time and allow manual testers to focus on the more important aspects of your new release.

Over the past two years, PMC have achieved 100% customer satisfaction for testing services. We can deliver the flexibility to meet your specific needs, the efficiency to reduce project costs, and the ability to cut testing time down from weeks to hours!

For more information or to book a FREE Initial Test Automation Consultation with one of our experts, complete the form and our team will be in touch to help you achieve Test Automation success!

PMC Automated Testing Services

PMC's experienced automation testers take a 'development-centric' approach to testing. This results in efficient and maintainable automation scripts. This approach also helps non-IT specialists to understand the results or issues identified by the test automation, and what actions need to be taken to rectify them.

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