System Selection

System Selection

Our approach to system selection is more than helping you start something new. We help you make the right decisions for your business quickly and cost effectively.

Choosing your system provider is one of the most crucial business decisions you face as an IT leader. We know how difficult it is to see all the potential pitfalls lurking within the selection process and to eliminate the risk inherent at each stage. PMC has developed and successfully implemented a methodology designed to ease the identification of solutions to your business, technical, service and commercial requirements.

We have performed selections for clients across a wide range of systems; EPOS, Merchandise Management (MMS) and ERP, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management (WMS), Planning, e-commerce and Mobile/HHT.

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Why PMC?

Specialist retail knowledge

All our consultants have in depth and up to date knowledge of retail business processes and potential suppliers. But along with our knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to tell it as it is – and, in doing so, have gained the trust and respect of many businesses.

Market knowledge

We know the key suppliers in the market and give you an unbiased view. Our knowledge and experience allows you to start with a shortlist of suitable solutions, saving you much of time and effort involved with the initial research phase of software selection.

Extensive experience

Because we have been helping retailers select new systems for over 13 years we know the right questions to ask, and we know which is most likely to fit your needs.