Software Testing Services 

PMC provides exceptional-quality, manual and automated retail testing services for defect identification and management. From our centre of excellence for retail and commerce testing, we de-risk software solutions and prevent subsequent issues occurring in production environments.

How PMC can help

Early identification of software and system defects increases confidence in systems and application performance, whilst also reducing development timescales. Our testing identifies defects that would otherwise result in poor system performance with a detrimental effect on customer experience.

PMC Testing teams comprise highly skilled and experienced, professional testers, offering the flexibility and scalability not easily achievable with an internal team.


Reduce Software Testing Time by 90%

Test Automation is recognised as the most effective means to deliver short release cycles, improved quality, a faster time to market and reduced costs.

Agile development methodologies are contingent upon having a robust automated regression pack in place. Knowing that software testing is typically complex means that automation is often critical to maintaining the pace of change.

For our customers, we have reduced manual testing effort by up to 70% and cut software testing Time by a staggering 90%. PMC test automation services are backed by extensive research and development with a tool-agnostic and open-source approach that minimises licensing and maintenance costs.

Test Automation Best Practice

Test Automation will deliver short release cycles, improved quality and a faster time to market, but it's not always straightforward to successfully implement automated testing and fully realise the benefits.

Causes can be an in-house skills gaps, or not knowing how to define the test automation return on investment, making it difficult to justify the initial automation solution investment.

This best practice paper tackles these challenges, and offers best practice approaches to implementing Test Automation.

Customer Testimonial

Working with the guys in India really felt like we were involved in the team. The communication has been great from the beginning and the team has been great at raising any concerns quickly, sharing observations and challenging things; it’s clear that they really care about the work they are doing and want to do things right.

Martyn Matthewson, FitFlop IT Test Analyst


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