Software Development Services

Consisting of fully dedicated or on-demand resources, our Agile Development Delivery teams understand and align themselves with individual customer needs to manage system upgrades, new software and change requests, operating as ‘your team in our office’.

Removing Risk and Improving Performance

PMC Development Delivery services remove business risk and ease the reliance on internal resources and external contractors. With a comprehensive skillset across multiple technologies and extensive retail-specific experience, our expertise spans system specification, solution design, application development, testing and implementation. We can even provide ongoing support once a project has gone live. Upon project completion, all documentation and assets, such as code and test packs, remain the property of the customer.

Moving to Consistent Delivery and Assured Quality 

Our dedicated Development teams comprise Developers, Business and Systems Analysts, Testers and scrum masters, skilled in user interface design, automation, DevOps and database management. Our customers benefit from the ability to create, maintain and support business critical applications and software through a trusted service that provides consistent delivery (productivity) to an agreed standard (quality).

Our Development Delivery Service ensures:

  • Removal of risks associated with legacy applications and software
  • Reduced IT vulnerability with the removal of internal knowledge silos
  • Regular, high-quality change to key business applications
  • Change in the perception of internal IT teams by creating a ‘ready for change’ model
  • Increased confidence and trust in the IT department – delivered through PMC
  • Ability to scale quickly to cover peaks in workload and demand
  • Application of relevant methodologies built on extensive use of Agile, Kanban, Waterfall, etc.
  • Access to in-demand technology capability (Java, .Net, Angular, iOS, Android, etc.
  • Internal and third party stakeholder management
  • Excellent Project Governance

PMC Development Services provide access to highly skilled teams at an affordable cost, by combining our PMC India-based delivery management with UK-based customer service management. This blended service provision means that IT departments can deliver more for the same budget, or maintain deliverables despite a reduced budget. With all customers, PMC provides monthly Service Reviews to track performance, productivity and quality as part of our commitment to Service Delivery Management.

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