Retail Software Support

Issues with software can have adverse business effects. As well as slowing down your business processes it can tie up your internal I.T. staff, placing more pressure on your other projects, systems, and employees. Ultimately these issues could affect your customer service and profitability.

PMC can help you to overcome these issues by providing you with a skilled software support team who will provide you with a high-quality support service around the clock.

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Why PMC?

Tailored service:

Our support goes far beyond simply resolving incidents. We work with you to review our delivery against contracted service levels, and how you feel about the service you receive. We also focus on the most important recipients of the service, the store staff.


PMC offers a flexible service which caters for all your seasonal peaks in demand.

Proven success:

PMC has a proven track record of reducing incident volumes and improving call response rates for leading UK retailers.

Predictable costs:

PMC can provide you with a predictable cost model to help you better plan and manage IT spend.