Service Desk 

The PMC 24/7 Retail Service Desk ensures a single point of contact to log IT issues and make service requests, for customer-facing staff and back-office teams, relying on an IT infrastructure to run their business.

The Impact of retaining a Service Desk In-house

IT infrastructures are often complex to manage. Each day, customer-facing teams and store staff process multiple sales, manage countless transactions and handle high volumes of stock coming in and out of stores. At the same time, back-office staff and business functions, including Finance, HR, Marketing and Service Management all require continuous uptime of multiple systems, applications, and databases, which make up the business-critical IT infrastructure.

Recruiting and retaining IT specialist resources with the required skillsets can be difficult. Internal cost pressures lead to headcount restrictions, or an inability to deliver the necessary service hours. Poor repeatability and delivery quality can stem from a lack of process or process documentation. Unexpected IT resource absences can impede an organisation’s ability to consistently deliver a quality internal service. Staff training or new starter set-up is also often costly and time-consuming.

Why Partner with PMC for your Service Desk?  

By partnering with PMC as a trusted Managed IT Service Provider, Retailers can improve service levels, reduce the cost of delivery and retain focus on their core business. Fixed IT costs can be converted into variable costs, enabling full IT scalability to quickly implement new technology or deliver transformation, without impacting the service provision.

By partnering with PMC for IT service desk services, our customers benefit from:

  • Single point of contact and ownership for all IT issues and service requests
  • Reduced incident volumes and improved call response rate
  • Swift diagnosis and problem resolution
  • Application Support teams available for more complex issues and system changes
  • Predictable cost model and control of expected outcomes
  • Our enterprise-class MSP IT systems management tool
  • A ‘single pane of glass’ for monitoring and alerting
  • Increased uptime from faster incident identification and resolution

Our customers trust PMC to provide the expertise needed to solve their IT challenges, whatever the difficulty or technology. The performance of PMC Retail Service Desk teams is accurately tracked against SLA KPIs, such as First Line Fix Rate, scored against key customer deliverables, and appraised within monthly Customer Satisfaction Surveys. Our consistently high performance and positive customer feedback reflect the trust placed in PMC by our Managed IT Services customers.

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