Retail Payment Consulting

The payment landscape is evolving rapidly offering retailers many options for implementing a common payment strategy across their sales channels. This strategy can that provides omni-channel tokenisation to minimise the challenges of PCI and PSD compliance whilst providing an insight into their customer’s cross channel buying habits. 

Aligning payment providers is not a simple exercise, it requires insight into what has become a fast-changing landscape together with an understanding of regional and global payment players and the ever-increasing range of emerging payment methods.

PMC can help you to identify the right payment strategy for your business and customers, and once selected, produce a low risk and cost-effective implementation plan for successful deployment within your business.

Our selection exercises open pay for themselves ten times over through the cost-saving we achieve through the vendor selection process. Payments are a complex area, but one where value can be created without compromising security, acceptance, and speed of processing.

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Why PMC?

Specialist retail knowledge

Our in-depth retail experience and knowledge mean we understand the retail environment from every angle. We can identify potential strategic risks, suitable solutions, and potential opportunities for greater return on investment.

Experienced consultants

Since 2001 we have been helping retailers with IT strategies, becoming a valuable tool to our customers. We know what is happening within the retail market and can share how the retail sector is overcoming issues.

Future vision

We understand the key technical trends and opportunities to use new technology effectively. Because we know the retail market and can predict the way it's moving, we can help future-proof your decisions for long-term success.