Mobility Solutions for Retail

Deliver more personal and engaging experiences with technology where you need it. Enable your store staff to serve customers as they shop, with the flexibility to create mobile formats of your existing technology.

Mobility is transforming the consumer experience in store, empowering shoppers and store staff alike. Retailers need to meet growing consumer expectations for engaging and frictionless experiences in store provided by a well-informed and efficient member of store staff ensuring a positive overall impression of the brand.

How PMC can help

Mobile POS extensions

  • PMC’s endpoint Integration Enabler allows retail and B2C business to extend existing solutions to mobile formats for tablet (IOS, Android and Windows)
  • Allow integration with payment services at the point of selling, so that payment can be a part of clientellng solutions

Rapid POS delivery

  • Deliver pop up stores and mobile formats rapidly leveraging integration technology and cloud services
  • Ability to transact remotely regardless of network format with both online and offline

Format Extension

  • Extend your existing investment to different formats for kiosk and self checkout leveraging end point integration technology
  • Scan and Go technology – leveraging your existing systems for mobile formats in the hands of your customers

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