Retail Cloud Development Services & Solutions

PMC retail cloud development and integration services enable retailers, hospitality and service organisations to create engaging and seamless customer experiences.

Using the combination of our cloud platform, endpoint integration application and development capabilities, we enable retailers to break down traditional barriers to innovation.

With PMC Retail Cloud Solutions, we connect digital touchpoints with in-store experiences to deliver more personal, insight-driven customer journeys.


See the new mobile trading platform developed for Crew Clothing Company:

Putting Creativity at the Heart of Retail

By bringing together the best technology partners and solutions with our own investment in mobile, microservices and retail cloud integration technology – we have all the tools and expertise retailers need to create seamless customer experiences.

  • Scalable and resilient microservices architecture with physical storage and infrastructure working in harmony. Paid for as a service.
  • In-store application provides flexibility on peripherals, integration and offline creativity.
  • The ability to leverage existing assets, whilst delivering a continuous cycle of change across multiple platforms and solutions, with no need to rip and replace.
  • Flexible delivery teams that can be scaled up or down to meet your requirements.
  • 24/7, 365, DevOps service to support you around the clock.


Enhancing your Existing Systems

We provide retailers with a toolkit to drive creativity and support innovation alongside their existing systems – delivering control, security and visibility. Using the combination of our retail cloud platform, end point integration application and development capabilities, retailers can integrate their virtual and physical retail environments.


Integration enabler

PMC’s endpoint integration application places the best technologies at your fingertips. Available in iOS, Android and Windows, Integration Enabler provides in-store endpoint application and payment integration, plus orchestration on any device. With additional offline capability that can be used by any application, Integration Enabler ensures every stage of your customer journey is controlled and secured.

Go frictionless

Bring online channels into store for a frictionless consumer experience.

Refresh legacy POS

Add or extend new functionality from legacy POS onto iOS, Android or Windows.

Integrate from end to end

Integrate in-store hardware and with seamless software updates.

Boost reach

Bring mobile and online channels into store and implement middleware integration to support payment and fiscal requirements.


Retail Cloud Platform

Our microservices architecture helps you unlock the power of the best custom-built and off-the-shelf solutions to innovate at speed. Breaking down barriers to deliver a secure, controlled set of solutions in a distributed retail environment – whether built, bought or integrated. All while leveraging the right set of solutions to empower customers to shop the way they want to, in cloud or in-store.

Extend and rationalise legacy systems

Add new functionality to existing applications with solutions and microservices delivered rapidly from the cloud. Creating a resilient, secure and future-proof serverless environment.

Co-ordinate applications

Integrate applications and services into a single, centrally managed and authenticated framework. Dramatically reducing the security risks of a single, passworded system operating across all locations.

Develop owned solutions

Rapidly develop and deploy retailer ‘own’ applications for in-store from the cloud. Read more about the new Crew Clothing Company Mobile Trading Platform

Go global

Our platform is designed to be scalable enough to meet the unique demands of international businesses.

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