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Web Development and Application Support for GCI

GCI Business Need

Since 2018, PMC has exclusively supported the development of all of GCI's web applications. This includes the 'Instant GCI' portal, developed by PMC in 2019. A new module, also developed by PMC has transformed the way GCI manages changed orders, with the team now able to create a new order or cancel an existing one in just a few clicks

PMC Services 

PMC provides GCI with web development services and ongoing application support. As part of the application development for the GCI Reseller Payment Portal, PMC provided Functional and Technical Specifications, development, systems testing, UAT and implementation. PMC Development resources work full time across the GCI applications, managing ongoing change requests and enhancements.

Business Impact

The automation developed by PMC has been especially significant in demonstrating GCI's ability to rapidly scale their service provision, which in turn has underpinned recent contract negotiations with new, larger corporate customers.

The GCI Reseller Payment Solution, also developed by PMC, improved the customers' experience of the cycle to work scheme and ensured a stable, predictable cash flow, which is especially important for GCI as a not-for-profit organisation."


We value PMC for their outstanding level of technical expertise and a client engagement model that blends strategic contribution with development practices and project delivery.

Katherine Stather, GCI Operations Director

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