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PMC delivers efficient Testing Services to Sodexo

Meeting the needs of a resource-heavy project

When world-leading employee benefits and engagement solutions company Sodexo Engage, part of Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, found itself in need of further resources to test the functionality of a new Government-related voucher scheme, it recognised the need to bring in third-party expertise to ensure it delivered a robust working product within a tight deadline. 

Expertise to streamline the testing process

Sodexo Engage subsequently reached out to PMC to write scripts to test the functionality of another product. These scripts covered all potential user journeys within the solution.

In addition to deploying the PMC scripting, Sodexo Engage was able to tap into PMC’s wider knowledge and experience to better understand and ensure the product’s stability. This was achieved through PMC’s exploratory and functional test execution phases and a comprehensive analysis of user behaviour. Sodexo's delivery manager, Antonia Haines, says having PMC expertise was incredibly welcome. Prior to that, she had to personally plan, record, manage the faults and handle the testing.

A further complication handled by PMC involved a system change in the latter part of the engagement, needing scripts to be swiftly rewritten before testing could commence. Throughout these tasks, Haines found she was able to tap into the company’s extensive industry knowledge.

Finding efficiencies and improving the user experience

PMC's approach meant Sodexo Engage was confident to extend the PMC brief to undertake exploratory investigation of the user experience before moving onto formal testing procedures.

Based on PMC’s contribution to the project, Haines says they would have engaged with the company sooner had she known the positive impact it would deliver.


It was a resource-heavy project that had to be built from scratch, which required lots of work. The issue we had was all about resources. The timescales were challenging, and we did not have the team available.

It was so much easier to give this to the skilled people in PMC to write the script code and load it onto our tracking system which puts it into the required Jira format. This has really streamlined the process..

When you don’t have the expertise internally it’s of great value to be able to get PMC to translate things for you. We’ve often given them very little information to go on, but they’ve been very adaptable, providing good recommendations, and they have been very good with reporting back to us. Their communications keep us well-informed and in touch with what’s happening.

It was less efficient doing all the testing ourselves. PMC has helped enhance our experience and enabled us to do things in a more streamlined way. It’s certainly been much more focused with PMC involved and helped us avoid the juggling of tasks, which was very difficult.

Antonia Haines - Delivery Manager, Sodexo Engage

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