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PMC Automated Testing Services for FitFlop Website

FitFlop Business Need

Fitflop recognised that running regression testing manually typically resulted in a need to limit testing during sprints.

PMC Services 

PMC provides FitFlop with a comprehensive Web Testing programme, ensuring quality on the FitFlop test site and production site post deployment. Integration to the Browserstack testing platform enables PMC to swiftly run tests on real mobile devices and a variety of web browsers.

Business Impact

The scope of testing automation services is broader without a material increase the cost of the testing activity. All card types, currencies, geographies and languages are tested.

The PMC-managed automated testing services have significantly reduced business risk and enabled Fitflop to take new releases and functionality to market more quickly. 


Working with the guys in India really felt like we were involved in the team. The communication has been great from the beginning and I feel everyone is comfortable to talk openly and freely, especially in the Microsoft Teams channel, where ideas are shared, and questions raised.

Martyn Matthewson, FitFlop IT Test Analyst

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