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Crew Clothing Trading Platform Development

Customer Challenge and Business Need

Crew Clothing Company initially required a mobile trading platform for use in multiple event settings, with their existing POS not able to run on mobile devices. Crew also needed a new payment provider and specified that the new solution needed to be fully mobile, flexible and reliable. Following the successful deployment of the event-based project, Crew asked for the solution to be rapidly scaled and rolled our across the 100+ Crew Clothing retail stores. 

PMC Solution

PMC built an eBasket module utilising our Graphene platform to deliver simple sales, refunds, customer and promotions capabilities. We were able to deploy our Orchestration Manager to provide the retail hierarchy, users, roles and access management. Our endpoint Integration Enabler was then utilised to bring these solutions to the edge on Android tablets. Both modules have a client as well as microservice catalogues, to get the best of online and offline data.

Business Impact

Crew Clothing boldly re-imagined the retail store environment without EPOS. In response, PMC delivered a truly mobile and customer-centric, in-store experience and a systems architecture for a store of the future. By simplifying the customer transaction process, Crew Clothing has transformed the customer experience and empowered store staff to better engage with customers - which in turn has boosted employee engagement.

The initial phase of this exceptional project was delivered in just 10 weeks, with all Development and Project Delivery services provided exclusively by PMC. Today, all 100+ Crew Clothing stores operate the mobile sales solution to process customer transactions and capture customer data.


We selected PMC to deliver a fully mobile trading platform, enabling Crew to have a vastly improved technical retail proposition and customer experience. The solution design and integration has been made exceptionally straightforward allowing for employees of any technical level to pick up and use the solution with minimal training.

PMC’s ability to deliver complex solutions but in a scalable fashion has allowed our business to deploy the product rapidly, meeting multiple requirements for a number of scenarios, including sponsorship events and marketing campaigns.

The speed at which PMC delivered the solution from inception to full roll-out has been exceptional and their approach in developing the solution has been second to none. I am very proud of the partnership that Crew and PMC have and look forward to working together on future innovations over the coming years.

Richard Surman - Head of IT, Crew Clothing Company
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