Last week Europe’s fastest growing retail event took place at London’s Earls Court. Now in its fifth year RBTE boasted more exhibitors, speakers and retailers than ever before.

In previous years we've criticised the event for the lack of decision makers walking the floor, as well as the absence of fully operational end-to-end solutions that were on show. This year things were different.

Huw Thomas, Managing Director at PMC described RBTE as "A Great show – well attended by retailers – plenty of engagement - attendees with decision or recommendation authority." For the exhibitors - what more could you ask for?

In terms of the technology there were no massive surprises – and as with last year mobile & payment were the flavours of the show.

Whilst there were some impressive mobile solutions on display, many came with their own complexities and headaches for the retailer. Perhaps that's why we got such a warm reception when demonstrating Store Enabler. Retailers understood the benefits of transforming their existing website into a mobile POS and using it in store to scan items, take secure payment and print receipts. What they also liked is the fact Store Enabler doesn't add any more complexity to their already busy environment - it's about using what the retailer already has.

Plenty more investment had been put into theatres and boot camps around the show. The Retail Innovations theatre was always full of leading brands who were clearly enthusiastic about where and how technology is changing the industry. Having a speaking slot in the Retail Innovations Theatre was a great opportunity for us to showcase the role of Store Enabler within the retail sector and, overall, retailers' reaction to sessions was positive.

The number of attendees and amount of decision makers at this year's show was encouraging. It looks as though retailers are out to invest again - and RBTE 2014 proved to be a great place for them to find out where they should be making those investments. We look forward to being part of it again next year.

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