Raptor Remote Monitoring Solution

PMC’s Raptor, powered by Kaseya, is a next-generation remote monitoring and event management solution backed by our experienced Managed Services experts. Raptor provides powerful automation, self-healing and remote monitoring, to save time and reduce costs.

Combined with PMC’s 20 years of Retail and B2C sector expertise, Raptor drives operational efficiencies, increases system security, enhances visibility and ensures reliable service levels. 

PMC operates a highly proactive approach to incident resolution.  Through self-healing, we reduce the need for staff to manually log and close issues with the Service desk, thereby driving substantial cost savings.


Benefits of Raptor's self-healing capability:

  • Reduced Level 1 incidents [18-56%]1
  • Fewer store staff tickets logged to the Service Desk leaving increased time for store staff to focus on customers
  • Reduced till downtime with store processes re-initialising
  • Over and above the RMM and self-heal capability, Raptor can also be successfully deployed for issue investigation, patch or fix deployments, and estate inventory reporting. 

[1] Raptor POC results for High Street Retailer, 2020 

Raptor, powered by Kaseya, architected for Growth and Change

Raptor provides a broad set of highly-customisable IT management capabilities in a single solution. The clean, intuitive ‘single-pane-of-glass’ interface enhances user productivity and business processes. Raptor is designed to provide a complete feature set in a variety of network situations, work with any IT estate, regardless of size or maturity, and to easily enable events from onboarding to reorganisation and more. 

  • Support is delivered with enhanced security with multifactor authentication, improved diagnostics, PCI compliance and Live Connect
  • Service Desk and Level 1 teams proactively manage issues in response to Incidents raised into PMC’s ITSM tool directly from Raptor, even before store staff are aware. This removes the need for them to call the service desk to log an
  • Potential for consolidated ‘dashboard’ views of the supported estate
  • Rapid Inventory reporting capability and asset auditing
  • Patch deployment, software and configuration change efficiencies
  • Minimised store disruption as a result of Raptor’s ‘Live Connect’ capability

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