Project Resources

Project Resources

The critical ingredient in any successful project is the people doing the work.

We understand that major projects with significant resource requirements may arise when you least expect them, and when you don't have the right skills, resource, tools or methodologies in house to handle them efficiently.

Our Project resource service could be the ideal solution you need to deliver your project successfully. Whether you need project managers to help run the show, business analysts with an industry knowledge of retail or testers with real life retail experience, PMC has the people and skills you need.

The Benefits:

Minimise risk of project failure

With the ability to pull expert resources onto your projects at any time means you can tackle any challenges with ease and speed. Because our people know retail and technology inside out they will be able to get to grips with your projects right away.

Increase speed to market

With the right team behind you who already have knowledge of similar implementations, you don't need to worry about training anyone up or about them slowing you down.

Improve quality

We bring a proven and pragmatic approach to project implementation and management.

Why PMC?

Specialist retail knowledge

All members of our team have a retail background. As well as being experts in their line of work they understand your environment, your needs and the issues you need to address throughout your projects.


We meet the needs of our customers. Whether you require a Project Manager on site to run a program from the start, or you need a team of testers based at our headquarters we can manage any aspect of your project for you.


We have the capability to rapidly increase the size of your team if and when you need us to.


We ensure retailers get the most out of their investment by providing you with affordable and dependable resources. There are discounts available based on volume and mix of resourcing.