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The Role of the Technical Designer in delivering customer-focused Solutions

This is a PMC employee profile in a series of short features about the high-level skillsets and expertise, typical of the customer-facing teams based at the PMC India offices.

Technical Designer, Mandar Pandit, provides invaluable Technical support to PMC customers as a core member of the PMC multi-skilled Engineering teams, who deliver ‘idea to solution’ customer implementations. 


Delivering end-to-end Solutions

With expertise in Service Oriented Architecture, RESTful APIs, and Microservices, Mandar produces systems design recommendations, which take into account system security, user management and functional requirements.

As part of his role, Mandar also designs the ‘development to deployment’ pipeline and guides teams in the development of customer solutions. Mandar explains, “I play a key role in shaping the end-to-end solutions we provide to customers like National Express.”


Enabling our Customers to make Informed Choices

The Technical Designer role requires an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, technology strategy, and technical requirements. This knowledge and expertise ensures we successfully provide viable solutions to ensure our customers can make informed choices regarding the best fit solution.

As the Technical Designer, Mandar is specifically responsible for creating technical documentation and system architecture diagrams, and working closely with his clients to ensure successful solution delivery.


Delivering Excellence

Vishal Shah, PMC Head of Service Design & Mobilisation, talks about Mandar and his personal contribution: “Mandar joined our client team as a Module Lead in the ESB squad, taking on the challenge of understanding a new Technology and Platform. Mandar quickly transformed himself into the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for this platform.

With his strong technical skills and passion to deliver customer-focused solutions, Mandar has always impressed our customers. Long standing PMC Customer, National Express, continues to benefit with his focus on designing robust and secured solutions aligned to their strategy.

Advice to Young Professionals

"Anyone aspiring to be a technical designer should shift the focus from the day-to-day development tasks and instead focus on understanding the business domain and change drivers.

As a Technical Designer, learning is a constant endeavour. Leverage programming concepts and best practices; learn design principles and architecture case studies. The focus must gradually move to understand the wider business need and domain.

Be extremely curious and don't hesitate to ask questions for better alternatives. Be fearless and share your ideas on better system implementations. Always keep an eye on overall system improvements and what will add value for your clients."

Mandar Pandit - PMC Technical Designer

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