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Vivek is currently working as a Scrum Master to actively support and promote the Scrum framework

What has surprised you most since you started with PMC?

“The people I work with are easily approachable. They are all ears to your questions, opinions, and suggestions. This is rare in today's corporate culture. It is both empowering and encouraging."

Who is your biggest influence or inspiration at PMC and why?

“You cannot have just one influencer at PMC. Numerous talented individuals around me have inspired me to go the extra-mile. To name a few: Amit Sharma inspires me with his calm demeanour during demanding situations; Kaushal Shah's vast knowledge and thorough understanding of subjects inspire me’;. the way Bhupendra manages multi-project teams with ease, and the way Akhtar multi-tasks. They all inspire me. Mandar's detail-oriented approach pushes me to give my best."

What 3 words would you use to describe PMC

“Open, honest, transparent”

What's the best thing about your role?

“The best thing about being a Scrum Master is the opportunity to become a bridge between two different sides of a project. It is a role requiring neither a command nor a control approach. Instead you need to facilitate. You need to remove any impediments to the team finishing projects successfully. These achievements are always incredibly rewarding for me as a scrum leader.”

How big is your team/project/division?

“My team is 35+ PMC-ites strong! I'm Scrum Master to 2 independent, self-organized, cross-functional sub-teams within 1 account.”

What did you know about PMC before you joined?

“Honestly speaking, not much. I was a bit worried about moving from Ahmedabad to Vadodara, but I took the leap of faith and, as they say, the rest is history.”

If you’d be interested in joining our team in the future, please do keep an eye on our careers page.