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PMC Database Services Manager, Shaun Smith, began his career as a Support Engineer working for large retail clients. His career then saw him building his technical capabilities and expertise working across several areas of IT, and across numerous domains before joining PMC in 2014.

PMC and early opportunities:

"PMC has given me many opportunities to grow in the past six years, moving through level 2 and level 3 teams to my current role as Database Services Manager. I’ve been able to build on the retail and technical expertise I’ve developed, and now provide my experience across our broader DBA team.
I lead and manage a centre of excellence for database services, delivered through a team of talented Database Administrators across PMC’s offices in the UK and India. I’m accountable for adopting and implementing industry-leading processes and procedures to ensure that our customers’ database platforms – and PMC’s own databases are managed, maintained, and monitored to maximise their smooth running, capacity, performance, and availability"

Helping our customers

“From working with a variety of retailers, one of the most common challenges I experience is where organisations take a reactive approach to database management, rather than a proactive approach. It is important to note that without a carefully planned approach to Database Management, including monitoring, alerting and housekeeping, database outages can remain undetected until the damage is done, which can result in incurring unwanted costs and damage to business reputation.”

Inspiration and Encouragement from PMC Colleagues

“There are numerous talented individuals within PMC across all departments who are committed to going the extra mile for our customers and take time out to support and encourage colleagues. Jonathan Ellis, PMC Technical Product Manager, has been there for me since the beginning of my PMC journey and has mentored me with his vast knowledge and thorough understanding of subjects. He has not only encouraged me at every step but also pushed me to move out of my comfort zone so that I can grow and learn by having new experiences. Jon developed steps and activities within my goals that have encouraged me to prosper beyond my original comfort zone.”

PMC in Three Words

“I reckon if I have to define PMC in just three words then it will be: Trusted, Opportunities, and Flexibility. I say Trusted because I’ve seen how our customers trust PMC because we are transparent, accessible, communicate well and are honest with their leadership and internal teams. I say Trusted because I’ve seen how our customers trust PMC because we are open, honest and communicate well with their leadership and in-house teams. PMC has also given me the right opportunities to grow professionally and develop my skill-sets. I’ve seen many examples of colleagues around me being given similar opportunities. My third word is Flexibility because I see every day how everyone across teams comes together, no matter what the project or deadlines are.”

Advice to Young Professionals

“My advice to those who are just starting their career, or are in the initial years of their career, is that you’re not going to reach your highest peak in two to three years, so be patient and take time to expand your experience and build your skills. Everyone starts small. Your current role is merely a reminder that if you work hard, follow through and develop your skillset, you will continue to succeed.”

You can connect with Shaun through his LinkedIn profile.

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