Paul Mason - Chairman

Paul founded PMC in January 2001 after a 20-year corporate career working exclusively in the retail sector. He held senior positions in John Lewis Partnership, BHS, Kingfisher Group and B&Q working in finance, retail operations and IT. Paul led large teams and delivered strategic change programmes that impacted every aspect of a retailer’s business, from the supply chain to the shop floor.

Over 18 years, Paul built PMC from a start-up to a business with over 320 employees that has served more than 100 of the UK’s leading retailers. Paul has set out the company’s vision and driven key strategic initiatives including the development of product partnerships with world-leading software providers, the establishment of PMC’s Office in India and the creation of PMC’s own software product Store Enabler. Along the way, PMC has established itself as the leading IT partner for retailers and has earned a reputation for innovation, technical excellence and outstanding customer service.
In order to drive the next phase of PMC’s growth Paul has taken on the role of Chairman and recruited a number of talented and experienced senior leaders, including Rich Lowe as CEO.