Our partners offer market leading products and services to the retail sector and we are proud to be working with them.


Yapster is a GDPR compliant communication product for deskless teams. With a clear vision to “Engage, Grow, optimise”, the Yapster solution provides a simple way to communicate with all employees regardless of role and location. PMC’s partnership with Yapster ranges from working together on Customer implementations to being a customer ourselves. The PMC social channel is always active with company news feeds, group messaging and provides a multilingual solution to keep our people connected across UK and India.


Flooid is one of the largest independant commerce platform providers to the retail industry, with customers including Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Walgreens (USA). Flooid's software is active in more than 150 retail brands, 60 countries and 300,000 selling points worldwide. PMC partner with Flooid in helping to build and QA the underpinning technology. 


The Mercaux solution equips sales associates with the tools they need to personalise the customer experience, improve store efficiency, and increase sales online and offline. PMC partner with Mercuax by integrating our two solutions to expand their capabilities of interfacing with legacy systems and latest peripherals available instore.


KFP provide project support to PMC enabling PMC to increase the reach of our Installation Move Addition and Change (IMAC) services throughout the UK. Working closely with our collocated support teams, new stores can be set up, existing stores expanded, and large-scale hardware refresh projects completed.


PMC is a Gold Partner for Oracle and trusted as their premier partner to support the Retail-J Retail Software platform in the UK. PMC provides Managed and Delivery Services to the vast majority of the UK installed base of Retail-J.

Vista Retail Support

Vista delivers hardware break-fix services to one of PMC’s key customers. Mobilising the boots on the street to enable PMC to deliver hardware support, full unit rebuilds, and swap outs to ensure that our retail customers' EPOS systems are always fit to trade. In addition, Vista supports PMC with many projects to improve and increase the retail estate.