Opinion: The Impact of Company Culture on Service Excellence

Three months into her role as PMC Senior Account Manager, Georgina Sinfield shares her thoughts on the PMC company culture and its impact on Service Delivery quality for our customers.

“When I joined PMC in January 2021, I was intrigued by the PMC philosophy of ‘One Company, Two Locations’. Since then, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how PMC consistently achieves the same open and friendly culture across its India and UK offices.

Having worked in businesses that span multiple countries, I know how difficult it can be to retain a consistent company culture across multiple locations. So how does PMC accomplish this - and how does this positively impact our customers?”

Meeting Customer Needs with Innovation and Creativity

“From the day I joined, it was clear that PMC is justifiably proud of the skillsets and capabilities within the UK and India teams. During my induction, I heard nothing but positive feedback from customers. In fact, within six weeks of being at PMC, I received a glowing customer report regarding a payment integration project recently completed within budget and to a challenging deadline. The project team comprised technical consultants, business analysts, scrum master, mobile and back-end developers, UI/UX developers, and testers from both the UK and India.

The skill-sets, experience and support available to PMC Account Management teams, working in a fast-paced environment, are critical to achieving service excellence for our customers. As are both the organisational structure that unites our co-located business, and the culture of open and honest communications within the business and with our customers. As a result, our multi-skilled teams across our two offices work dynamically to ensure high standards, innovation and creativity.

I spoke to Shetul Parikh, Head of Product and Technical Services, based at our India office about the positive impact of diversity on the delivery. He explained

The multi-skilled teams at both locations offer strong capabilities that enable us to seamlessly run the delivery engine and meet customer demands. Focus on continuous improvement and skills augmentation across the teams enables us to offer round the clock services to our customers

Shetul Parikh, Head of Product and Technical Services

Flexibility and Scalability in Service Provision

“What stands out about PMC is our ability to rapidly scale project teams with the necessary skillsets and experience in response to changing customer needs. I’ve been impressed by the PMC ability to swiftly mobilise an experienced team that will understand a customer’s business needs.

Steve Smart, PMC Professional Services Director shared his thoughts with me on how PMC achieves this level of agility. He explains,

With the relevant skill and expertise, our teams are fully equipped to deliver transformational and innovative projects across legacy and leading technology platforms. Our experience in effective requirements gathering through our UK teams enable our delivery teams in India mobilise at pace.

Steve Smart, PMC Professional Services Director

When Coronavirus restrictions allow, I’m very much looking forward to visiting India to meet my new colleagues face to face. Please reach out to me, if you’d like to find out more about PMC professional service and project delivery capability. You also can read more about how PMC delivers technology transformation with the right experience, skillsets, and flexible teams.”

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Georgina Sinfield is a Senior Account Mangaer within the Sales and Account Management team at PMC . Georgina has  extensive experience and full understanding of building long term, strategic customer partnerships within the retail, hospitality, leisure, and finance sectors.

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