Opinion: Supporting Customers with an Agile and Flexible Delivery Model

Four months into her role as PMC Senior Sales Manager, Eleanor Adams shares her thoughts on how PMC Professional Services teams support our customers by working as an extension of their in-house teams.

“I joined PMC in January during the lockdown and, like many others, experienced virtual interviews and onboarding. The world has certainly changed, making it necessary to adapt to different ways of working and engaging! For businesses, the pandemic has exponentially accelerated the pace of change.

Changes that were once expected to take 3-years as part of a wider strategic plan, now need to happen in months, if not weeks. This is especially true of the Retail and Hospitality sectors, where consumers are looking for new choices and to engage on their own terms, whilst businesses are still recovering from disruption, loss of key resources, and economic uncertainty.”

Challenging times and need for flexibility

"These unusual circumstances dictate the need to do things differently. Constrained IT budgets remain a challenge, but it’s not a case of needing to 'rip and replace' an entire legacy estate to achieve digital transformation. Instead, it's understanding which best of breed technology to use from an eco-system of partners. Then, how to integrate with existing structures and to access the right skillsets to ensure real, relevant, and successful outcomes.

PMC is renowned for our quality of service and cost-effectiveness. From architecture design to professional services and delivery, PMC has a unique blend of consultants, analysts and engineers. These include Cloud Engineers, DevOps, Scrum Masters, Business Intelligence, and Product owners. We enable our clients to skill-up quickly, innovate faster, unlock value, and delight their customers sooner.

PMC is one company, operating from two locations in the UK and India, with some 400 specialists, providing services and a full suite of automation. We offer a blended operating model to lower the cost to deliver and support customers to land change unique to their needs.

I spoke to Vishal Shah, Head of Customer Development and Head of Professional Services Integration, based at our India office. He shared his thoughts on how PMC offers the flexibility of resources that positively impacts our customers. He explained,"

PMC’s flexible resource model offers a choice of skills, technology, and expertise to fulfil the demands of our customers. Our delivery model with a blend of dedicated project teams allows them to respond agilely in the current economic climate. This approach towards industry-proven resources and delivery capabilities offers a high degree of flexibility to our customers, allowing them to cater to the rapidly changing market scenarios

Vishal Shah, Head of Customer Development and Head of Professional Services Integration

Working as an Extension to Customer in-house Teams

"At the core, PMC advises, transforms, and manages our customers' rapidly changing environment. What sets PMC apart is our ability to adopt a flexible approach and to merge into the customer’s culture. As a result, the project teams become 'one team' rather than a collection of individual company groups.

Hardik Shah, Testing Service Delivery Manager who leads a team of 45 automated and manual testers, who work as in-house teams for a multitude of PMC customers, shared his thoughts on how this arrangement benefits our customers. He explains,"

Our managed testing services delivery teams work as an extension to our customers in-house teams, this offers them access to our multi- skilled resource pool and the ability to flex. This also gives them access to our standard test processes, frameworks and other re-usable test-ware which in-turn help accelerate the delivery and save cost."

Hardik Shah, Testing Service Delivery Manager

"Whilst cost efficiencies are at the heart of the conversation today, at the same time, it is vital to drive innovation to keep pace with the competition, to grow market share, and meet the increasing expectations of consumers. PMC is unique at bringing together the skills and technology customers need, to get the best from their existing investments today, whilst planning for rapidly integrated, targeted solutions for the future to ensure that they stay relevant, achieve success, and thrive.

Please visit the website see our case studies and testimonials, and do reach out for further information as I am only too happy to help."

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Eleanor Adams is a Senior Sales Manager within the Sales and Account Management team at PMC . As a specialist in the Retail and Technology sector, Eleanor has a wealth of experience working for several IT solution and technology suppliers, as well as working with partners such as Oracle, Microsoft, Google and AWS.

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