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ODEON Enables Customer Loyalty with PMC’s Store Enabler

Store Enabler allows us to quickly and easily sign up customers to our Limitless card. We’ve been wanting something like this for a long time and we are really happy that we now have it. Everything has gone well since the launch, Store Enabler makes the whole process very simple.

Phil, General Manager of Oxford ODEON


Business Challenge

Initially launched online, PMC supported ODEON to enable the sale of the membership in-cinema. Cinema Hosts talk customers through the benefits and sign them up on the spot. A photograph is captured for the Limitless card. Payment for the first month is paid by debit or credit card and a direct debit is set up for future months. There is also an option to pay for 12 months upfront by card.  A challenge faced by ODEON was how to take the card payment from the customer in a secure and compliant manner which didn’t cause excessive queuing times for other customers. 

The Solution

PMC’s product, Store Enabler, allows organisations to extend their ecommerce solutions into their outlets and take secure, customer present payments on mobile devices. Integration is typically quick and easy.

Store Enabler was selected to enable the Cinema Hosts to complete the sign-up process on a tablet.  Store Enabler is loaded onto an iPad which the Hosts carry with them in the foyer when welcoming film goers into the cinema. Store Enabler is integrated to ODEON’s ecommerce solution so that it can take credit and debit card payments to complete the sign-up process on the iPad. A receipt is then emailed to the customer. This lets the Cinema Host provide a high level of customer service.

The Result

Store Enabler is live across the entire ODEON cinema estate. So far, Store Enabler has helped ODEON sign up thousands of people to their Limitless scheme.