A life-affirming visit to The Akshar Trust for hearing-impaired children

Vadodara, India, September 2022

It’s been two years since the pandemic hit and PMC employees have been able to visit the incredible children of the Akshar Trust for deaf and hearing-impaired children. PMC has a long-standing partnership with The Akshar Trust and is committed to the on-going support of this exceptional organisation.

Overcoming the Odds

Each year in India, over 1 million babies are born with hearing deficiency. Just 5% of these children experience basic schooling, and a mere 1% have access to quality education.

The Akshar Trust not only provides hearing facilities for children, but also helps them to be independent, confident and to contribute towards the betterment of their country by enabling them to embark on a working career as independent individuals.

PMC believes in equal opportunities for all and supports The Akshar Trust in this endeavour. Through our ongoing support and donations, we also want to help empower the parents of hearing-impaired children, who often feel isolated and helpless during their child's critical early years.

Some of The Akshar Trust children enjoying having their photo taken!

The Akshar Trust Endeavour

The Akshar Trust is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide education and care for hearing-impaired children. The Trust was formally established in 1988, and before then was the first organisation to start an Early Intervention Programme in Gujarat.

The inspiring founder of this exceptional organisation is Nisha Grover, who has always been committed to improving the lives of those affected by deafness. She started this organisation with a vision to ensure that an individual with deafness is not prevented from leading a positive, happy, and fulfilling life.

In 1988, just 5 deaf children were supported by Nisha. Today, the Trust has around 100 children with a staff of 30, including teachers, an audiologist, a speech teacher, and lecturers. Over 174 students have cleared Std.10 and/or Std.12 through the years. Many are graduates and 7 are M.Com. 

Akshar Trust Accomplishments 

The Akshar Trust has operated a teacher training programme for the past 23 years, and is active in conducting research and investigations into the education of hearing-impaired children. 

Never short of accomplishments, the school recently announced that a further 10 students of Std.10 and Std.12 passed the Gujarat State Board Exams 2022. 

Since 2004, Akshar has been promoting ‘capacity building’ in education for deaf children. The Trust has also initiated the Gujarat Chapter of the National Convention of Educators of the Deaf (NCED). It’s a platform for deaf professionals to come together and advance their careers through networking and professional guidance.

A long-standing PMC and Akshar Alliance 

In 2008, PMC entered into an agreement with the Akshar Trust. Since then, the two organisations have been working together in collaboration to support each other's goals and objectives. PMC has supported the Trust in many ways by developing software and providing skills-building and training at PMC. We've developed innovative programmes and tested new ideas that have directly contributed to individuals' success. 

We are proud to have witnessed The Akshar Trust transform from a school for the development of deaf children into a national institute that offers education from kindergarten to high school. Akshar Trust was established with the motto of Dignity, not Charity. It works to provide comprehensive education to all hearing-impaired students of all age groups, irrespective of their financial background. 

At PMC, we feel privileged to play a continuing part in the life-changing impact of The Akshar Trust and we are proud to have six former Akshar students building successful careers at PMC.

The Akshar Trust is most heartened by the response we have got from the community in the past 34 years. PMC has played a very special role not only in the development of software for us but even in giving employment opportunities to 6 of our deaf students. They are not only becoming a part of PMC but are also being offered training and mentorship. PMC has been most valuable support. It has also been the most consistent.

Nisha Grover, Founder, Managing Trustee, and Honorary Principal of Akshar Trust

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