PMC launch Store Enabler Cash Management to help retailers tap into the power of mobile in store

PMC, the leading retail IT services and consulting business, today announced an extension to their Store Enabler App which delivers a cloud based Cash Management system that allows the management of cash in a mobile environment without the need for proprietary expensive back office systems.

Store Enabler allows retailers to leverage their existing web systems and deliver them in store on any Android or iOS mobile device, with full capabilities to scan products, print receipts and take secure payments. The addition of cash management capabilities will allow them to remove traditional tills altogether and still have cash office facilities, such as Safe reconciliation and Banking.

Paul Mason, CEO of PMC states: ’We asked our customers what they wanted to be able to do with mobile in their stores. They are driving for an improved customer experience that brings all of the channels together, the ability to deliver assisted sales and the opportunity to address out of stock situations and extended product ranges. They don’t want their customers to leave the store without securing the products they came for. Some of our customers also wanted the ability to get rid of fixed tills and go fully mobile.’

PMC’s study showed that some retailers wanted to enable queue busting with their existing EPoS systems, but the majority wanted to drive their eCommerce platforms and web based solutions into the store and take secure customer present payments. With most retailers still receiving around half of their in store payments in cash this was a particular area that needed to be addressed in order to deliver a complete solution.

Store Enabler brings together all of the aspects of a mobile solution into an easy to manage package that integrates with class leading mobile device management.

Mason closes: ‘We wanted to make mobile easy for our customers and to give them flexibility and choice over the devices they wish to use. Store Enabler gives them that flexibility and takes the hard work out of leveraging their existing systems and getting them mobile. Importantly the challenges of taking secure payments have been taken care of and without the need for lengthy and expensive accreditations and the unique ability to manage cash in an integrated solution now provides a market disruptive solution’.

About Store Enabler

Store Enabler is a unique application that allows retailers to enable their store, eCommerce and other web applications for the in store mobile environment. For the first time retailers can scan, print and take secure payments in a customer present environment on any Android or iOS device and manage cash.

About PMC

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