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PMC Sponsor Skill Building Programme at Akshar Trust

Since arriving in Vadodara, India 10 years ago, PMC has been supporting the Akshar Centre for Hearing Impaired Children in many ways from donations to the employment of alumni.

Further committing to the long-standing relationship, PMC sponsored a thoughtful initiative in Vadodara called the “Skill Building Program”. The alumni of Akshar were given the opportunity to be part of this five-month programme.

The purpose of the initiative is to enhance the employment opportunities for these young people with disabilities. It is never simple for a child with hearing impairment to acquire language or communication skills. This is the work of Akshar, which it has been pursuing for 29 years.

The new Programme has taken PMC’s support further and has aimed at upgrading the skills of the former students. The training has focused both on enhancing the technical expertise of the participants and on continuous personal development to prepare them for the final placement in the work place. It is only through employment that people with hearing impairment can live a life of self- respect and dignity.

Arch Development Foundation has conducted a five-month programme, the key activities of which were:

  1. Providing computer training – technical training on Microsoft Office
  2. Soft skill training
  3. Written communication skills in English
  4. Counselling

ARCH Development Foundation is a section 8 social sector organisation providing customised solutions for companies and foundations to deliver impactful initiatives, leveraging the strengths of diverse stakeholders in the social sector.

Paul Mason, CEO of PMC states: “PMC is proud to extend its longstanding support for the Akshar Trust by sponsoring this important new initiative. It is vital that the wonderful work of the school culminates in the students being able to compete well to find their place in the working world.”

Nisha Grover, Hon. Founder Director & Managing Trustee of Akshar Says: “The Trust is beholden to PMC for its long-standing commitment to the activities of Akshar. Not only have the students benefitted from the various ways that PMC has extended support but also for the fact that PMC has been offering opportunities to the ex- students for employment.”

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