Retail systems experts PMC and partners Casio, Epson & YESpay hosted a joint event during the recent RBTE exhibition at Casio's Covent Garden store showcasing PMC's Store Enabler.

Store Enabler is a unique application that allows retailers to transform their existing website into a mobile POS, with full capabilities to scan products, print receipts and take secure payments.  For the first time retailers can truly unite clicks and bricks.

Paul Mason, CEO of PMC states: "We wanted to give retailers the opportunity to see the benefits Store Enabler can drive in a real life store environment. We had a fantastic take up of invitations to the event, proving that retailers are searching for the right solution to their in-store mobile challenges."

Over thirty leading retailers came to the event at the Casio store in Covent Garden to see for themselves how Store Enabler can  resolve common in-store problems such as out of stocks, limited in store product range, long queues and restricted selling space.

Andrew Reason, General Sales Manager, who represented Casio on the night states: "Casio experiences the same challenges as many other retailers; our stores can only hold a limited subset of our entire range. Store Enabler allows us to complete the consultative sales process successfully at the point of decision even if the chosen item isn't at the store with a customer present card transaction. This gives us true range extension and a higher level of customer satisfaction."

Most of the other retailers who attended the event at the flagship Covent Garden store confirmed that they were experiencing the same or similar challenges to Casio, and a number of them expressed interest in considering Store Enabler for their stores in the near future."

Mason Closes: "It was great to talk to so many retailers about how Store Enabler could be used in their stores to deliver a better customer experience and drive higher sales. The hugely positive reaction we received to Store Enabler validated our innovative approach to using existing systems to rapidly deploy a mobile solution that really delivers an all important ROI."