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PMC Celebrates New Office & Extends Its Relationship With the Akshar Trust

PMC is pleased to announce the formal opening of its new office premises in Vadodara (Baroda) at Corner Heights, beside the DPS School in Old Padra on Vadsar Ring Road. PMC’s Board of Directors hosted a formal opening ceremony and celebration on the 5th October 2016. PMC team members were joined by honoured guests and business partners.

PMC is an IT consulting and services business that is headquartered close to Oxford in the UK. It has 260 employees, with 180 of those employees located at its facility in Baroda. It serves the retail sector, with its customers typically being multi-channel international retailers that have their headquarters in the UK. PMC’s customers range from businesses with 50 stores to businesses with over 1,000 stores. They include famous retailers such as Monsoon, Marks and Spencer, Mothercare, French Connection, Reiss, Mulberry, SuperGroup, WH Smith, Paperchase, Joules and Estee Lauder. Many of these retailers have established themselves in India.

PMC works across the entire retail systems landscape, but has a deep specialism in the technology used by retailers in the operation of their shops.

Founder and CEO Paul Mason states: “We are the UK’s largest independent specialists in store systems. We directly support 2,200 stores every day in 16 countries around the world. Our help desk deals with 4,500 calls every month, taking calls in 4 different languages. Our operations team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and manages 25,000 service tasks every month.”

The Company’s team of technical specialists in Baroda is comprised of developers and specialists in software testing, software support and technical operations. They work with PMC’s customers globally, with staff recently working in UK, Russia, New Zealand, USA and Malaysia.

Growth is the key reason behind PMC’s new investment in Baroda along with the desire to provide a world class working environment for its team members. Mason states: “We are growing fast, delivering consistent year on year growth built on high levels of customer satisfaction, technical excellence and investment in our people.”

PMC has enjoyed a long relationship with Baroda. Mason adds: “We have operated here in Baroda for 9 years and our investment in this new facility commits us to the city for another 9 years. Over that period, we expect our investment in and contribution to the city to total more than £25m or INR 225 crores."

In addition to providing services to its customers, PMC’s team in Baroda has developed a leading-edge mobile epos solution called Store Enabler. The solution is in the early adopter phase with its first batch of customers. Mason states: “Thanks to the excellence of our team here in Baroda, Store Enabler is now in rollout."

PMC is also pleased to announce an extension of its relationship with the Akshar Trust, which has operated a school for the hearing impaired in Baroda for more than 25 years. PMC has enjoyed a 7 year relationship with the Akshar Trust. It has provided financial support, supported the school with its own technology needs through the donation of equipment and the development of a student management system. PMC staff members also involve themselves in various activities with the students. Paul Mason adds: “The Akshar Trust is a simply wonderful organisation that is transforming the lives of children with hearing difficulties. We are truly proud to be associated with them. I am particularly proud of our commitment to recruiting at least one graduate of the school into our business each year and training them to become retail technology professionals. I am delighted to welcome our latest Akshar graduate Ankit Simlote. Ankit is our fourth graduate from Akshar.

As part of the extension of the relationship, PMC will be donating funds to the Akshar Trust’s Founding Director Mrs Nisha Grover in order to purchase smart boards for two of the school’s classrooms.

 About PMC

Founded in 2001, PMC is a leading retail IT services and solutions consulting business whose client list boasts a wide range of high street retailers. With a growing team of over 320 people and offices in India and the UK, PMC has a strong track record of success and is renowned in the industry for its open, honest and direct approach. PMC focuses on delivering high quality thought leadership and cost-effective services that help retailers deliver and support their IT investments.

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