PMC India is delighted to be celebrating the 5th anniversary of its launch in Vadodara.

Part of the UK-based PMC Group, PMCI has grown to a strength of almost 100 technical resources focussed exclusively on the retail sector.
Paul Mason, Founder and CEO of PMC, states: "I am thrilled to be marking the fifth anniversary of PMCI. I am proud of the business we have built in Vadodara and the capabilities of our people. Our specialists work with customers all around the world including in USA, UK, Russia, Thailand and New Zealand. Their unique blend of retail understanding and technical expertise delivers real value to our customers. Importantly, customer satisfaction levels are at world class levels."

PMCI has been associated with the Akshar Trust since its launch and is proud to be sharing its' own celebrations with the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Trust.

Mason continues: "Our relationship with the Akshar Trust is incredibly important to us. We are in awe of the magnificent work being undertaken by Nisha Grover and her team. Their pupils and student teachers are privileged to be learning under their guidance. We are delighted to recognise their achievements and underline our support by recruiting at least one graduate of the school every year. Our first two Akshar recruits are rapidly developing highly successful careers with us."

Akshar Trust has been involved with the education and care of hearing impaired children in Vadodara for 25 years. At the present moment there are 153 students. About 405 students have been associated with Akshar. Nearly 70 deaf students have completed Std. X and XII. Over 10 students have graduated from universities such as M. S. University, Gujarat University and Sardar Patel University in various disciplines. 2 have completed Masters in Commerce. Many students are gainfully employed. Akshar Trust runs a Teacher Training Programme, which is recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India. Since 1999 Akshar has trained 206 trainees.

In the past 25 years Akshar has had to move six times. A new building for the Institute is under construction at Sherkhi on the outskirts of Vadodara. 40% of construction work still remains and funds are required to complete the building.

Nisha Grover, Founder, Managing Trustee and Honorary Principal of Akshar Trust says, "We are most heartened by the response we have got from the community in the past 25 years. PMC has played a very special role not only in the development of software for us but even in giving employment opportunities to 2 of our deaf students. Both Vandana and Ruchit have not only become a part of PMC but are also being offered training and mentorship."

The motto of Akshar Trust is Dignity not Charity. It works to provide opportunities so that the students grow up to be educated, independent and self-sufficient individuals.

Nisha Grover continues: "PMC has forged a relationship with Akshar over the past 5 years by funding various activities. They have also extended their support by developing for us a special software solution called 'Student Management System'. The system is now in use and the data of all the students has been uploaded. It tracks and manages the students' progress effectively and helps in recording their achievements. The software was donated along with 2 computers. PMC has also developed a website for Akshar. "