PMC Renews and Extends University Partnerships to boost Young Talent

Vadodara, India, 23rd May 2022

Valuable Partnership renewed with KPGU University, formerly known as Babaria Institute of Technology.

A longstanding partnership between PMC and Drs. Kiran and Pallavi Patel Global University (KPGU), Vadodara, formerly known as Babaria Institute of Technology, has now been further enriched by renewing the three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

The association between the two commenced in 2015 and over the years has matured leaps and bounds through various expert lectures, career counselling sessions, seminars, internship, and placement opportunities. KPGU is a State Private University and has been transformed over recent years, evolving from a number of affiliated institutions to a university in its own right.

The renewal of the MoU between PMC and KPGU symbolises the enrichment and nurturing of ongoing opportunities inherent to this relationship. Apart from expert sessions and workshops, this relationship will also focus on reviewing the academic curriculum offered by the University, so that it resonates more closely to the current industry need. The ultimate motive is to drive better growth opportunities and job orientation for the students.

We believe in showing commitment and building long-term partnerships with academia. Strengthening and nurturing this relationship further creates a win-win situation for PMC, KPGU and the student community.

Paul Mason, PMC Chairman

Academic partnerships like this help to forge mindset of creativity and innovation, backed up by technology, to deliver great solutions. With PMC’s ambitious growth plans for their rapidly scaling business in Baroda, a focus on attracting and nurturing entry level talent is of the utmost importance.

“Early intervention of industries in the academic journey of students offers many development opportunities to them. Input from industry experts to the academic curriculum is very valuable in enhancing job prospects for the students”

Dr. Manoj Sattigeri, Registrar at KPGU


New Memorandum of Understanding with GSFC University.

A new partnership and the signing of a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PMC and GSFC University will pave the way for enhancing the skills and knowledge of the University students. Through internships, workshops, seminars, technical events and placement opportunities, both GSFC University and PMC will encourage interactions between PMC employees, faculty members and students.

“The partnership with GSFC University is incredibly important to us for bringing talented young people into the business to support our growth plans. Through the Internship programmes at PMC, students receive practical experience and benefit from excellent personal development opportunities. PMC offers a working environment, characterised by creativity, innovation and ethos of delivering great solutions to our customers".

Rich Lowe, PMC CEO

The Internship program at PMC is a steppingstone for final year students giving them the opportunity to work on live projects, undergo training on various IT technologies within software development and testing, whilst receiving support and valuable coaching by expert mentors.

While students undertake project work as part of their academic curriculum, the program also offers placement opportunities at PMC. PMC’s ‘growth from within’ culture and ambitious growth plans for the Vadodara office, mean that bringing in talented, creative and innovative entry level people is of utmost importance.

“The MoU marks the collaboration between GSFC and PMC with mutual interest and commitments. This will help students in professional skill development through practical exposure and capability building at an early stage of their academics, while PMC gets access to industry-ready, fresh talent".

Dr. Saurabh Shah, Dean at School of Technology, GSFC

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