Connect 2022 delivers engaging debate on how retailers are transforming their customer experiences

3rd March 2022 : PMC’s Connect 2022 live webinar on Thursday 3rd March examined and discussed how retailers can transform their customer experiences using modern strategies and approaches.

The event brought together over 50 industry retailers who sought thought leadership, strategies, and approaches from global payments provider Worldpay, British clothing retailer, Crew Clothing Company, and PMC.

Simon Curtis, PMC Chief Commercial Officer, kicked off the event by joining all attendees in opening their pre-event gifts to celebrate PMC’s 20-year anniversary of offering IT solutions to renowned UK retail brands.

Leading first, Paul Mason PMC Chairman and Founder, delivered a segment outlining and reflecting on how far the Retail sector journey has progressed, with key highlights on how retailers are now using differentiation and digital transformation to get ahead of the curve.

Richard Surman from UK retailer Crew Clothing and PMC customer, guided attendees on his recent journey of delivering a mobile sales solution in under 10-weeks, explaining that this innovative approach has given Crew Clothing a flexible and scalable solution that meets the growing need of customers and his store staff.

“It gives our customer a personal approach and means that we are no longer tied to a cash desk”

Richard Surman, Head of IT, Crew Clothing Company
Watch Richard Surman's Presentaion

Michaela Weber, the SVP of Enterprise Partners at Worldpay, leads a team focused on Worldpay’s relationships and integrations with leading technology platforms, including Salesforce, Oracle, Shopify and Commerce tools.

Michaela’s presentation journeyed through sector-leading primary research (GenPay Report), what retailers need to be thinking about, and why payment journeys matter in order to keep driving forward business. The report covered 3 critical trend areas: Loyalty, Shopping Habits (Buy Now, Pay Later BNPL), and next-generation technology such as Crypto.

Michaela showed how consumer payments preferences present an opportunity for retailers to gain a competitive advantage and to ensure that in-store and online customer experience expectations are met.

“IT checkout-free technology is the most popular across all countries, 10% are already using it, 47% are interested in using it.

Michaela Weber, Senior VP, Enterprise Partners, Worldpay
Download Michaela’s Presentation and full Gen Pay Report

Connect 2022 continued to deliver insightful debate when all Keynote Presenters joined together to discuss key trends and respond to attendee questions on a range of IT solutions and new technologies in the Retail sector.

Rich Lowe, PMC CEO, concluded the event with a roundup, summarising that the key theme across all presentations was the need for retailers to continue differentiating their offerings using innovative technologies that drive change in the consumer experience. Rich explained,

“For PMC as a service provider, it is really important that we keep ahead of the curve. That’s why we continue to invest in our retail and B2C domain expertise to ensure that we are uniquely placed to help retailers create differentiation and drive competitive advantage from Retail systems and IT.”

Rich Lowe, PMC CEO
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