How to Build rapid Retail in-store Solutions from the Cloud - Nimitt Desai presents at Couchbase ConnectONLINE 2021

Oxford, U.K – 20th October 2021

Presenting at the livestreamed Couchbase ConnectOnline 2021 event on 20th October, at 19:00 BST, Nimitt will examine how PMC’s Cloud Platform and Endpoint Integration application is supported by the Couchbase Eventing Service.

This technical talk will explore the challenges faced by the PMC development team and reveal how they were successfully resolved to deliver a platform and application that transform the in-store shopping experience for retail customers. 

Enabled by the Couchbase Eventing Service and Data Platform, PMC’s Cloud platform, integration application and development capabilities allow retailers to break down traditional barriers to innovation when creating mobile trading platforms in store, as with the successful new platform developed by PMC for Crew Clothing.

Nimitt Desai, PMC Principal Enterprise Architect, played a crucial role in defining the technological and architectural choices for the PMC cloud services and integration platform.



Couchbase ConnectONLINE Event

Couchbase ConnectOnline 2021 is a two-day free premier conference for exploring modern data, NoSQL, and the cloud. You can register for the Couchbase ConnectOnline 2021 here.


About Couchbase

PMC partner, Couchbase, empowers developers and architects to build, deploy, and run their most mission-critical applications by delivering a high-performance, flexible and scalable modern database that runs across the data centre and any cloud.

The Couchbase Eventing Service is a natively integrated framework to operate on changes to data in real time with the Couchbase Data Platform, and helps avoid the need for third party solutions to manage and respond to data mutations. In an event-based architecture, all data changes are reactive and in real-time. Couchbase provided not only the necessary synchronisation and data integrity, but also the scale and partnership capability that PMC needed for growth.

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