The results are in from our annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. In keeping with our open and honest culture we are committed to sharing the results of our survey.

At PMC, we are focused on raising the bar in everything we do. We want to ensure that the services we provide meet the needs of our customers. Client feedback is key to helping us improve, and in understanding how we are performing.

Overall satisfaction with PMC

80% of respondents said they were satisfied/very satisfied with the service they receive from PMC, with 80% agreeing we rate highly against other companies they have worked with. 84% of respondents also said they were likely to recommend our services to friends or colleagues.

Rating PMC against different criteria:

Rating PMC People:

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who participated – your thoughts and feedback will help shape PMC in the future, and drive us to meet and exceed your expectations in everything we do.