PMC Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis.

Abingdon and Vadodara - March 2020 - In this rapidly changing environment with much uncertainty due to Coronavirus, I would like to assure all PMC customers and business partners that PMC has put in place active measures to ensure continuity in the delivery of our services.

The health and safety of everyone within PMC, and in the organisations with whom we work, is also our priority. We have therefore taken the necessary precautions to ensure we keep our employees and their families, our customers and our business partners safe.

We have transitioned to home working for all PMC employees, both in the UK and India. PMC has the tools to operate both offices in remote working mode for the long term and can sustain the services relied upon by our customers.

These are the most challenging of times, requiring us to adapt rapidly and dig deep. I know that PMC’s decisions and actions will continue to be driven by our values of openness and honesty. We will collaborate to deliver successful outcomes and focus on doing right by our employees and their families, employees and their families, our customers and our business partners.


Rich Lowe