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PMC India and Babaria Institute Jointly Support the Akshar Trust

30th January 2020 - PMC is a proud sponsor of the Akshar Trust, based in Vadodara, India. Founded in 1988, the Akshar Trust provides hearing-impaired children with educational support, enabling them to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.

PMC directly supports skills-building programmes, by providing training and internships to help students learn the necessary skills for business life. Currently, six former pupils at the Akshar Trust are now successful employees, based in the PMC Vadodara offices.

Business and Academia come together to support the Akshar Trust

Earlier this month, the Akshar Trust hosted its 24th Annual Sports Day Event. In a shining example of how businesses and academic institutions can work together to engage with and support the community, one of PMC’s Academic Partners, the Babaria Institute of Technology, supported the Sports Day activities.

A team of volunteers from the Babaria Institute helped the Akshar Trust team with the preparation and running of the event. The Principal of the Babaria Institute, Dr. Pallavi Agrawal, explained that the collaboration with the Akshar Trust and this Sports Day event was really a great experience for the Institute and has encouraged staff to participate and support similar events on the future.

PMC’s Long-term commitment to the Akshar Trust

PMC has been significantly involved in supporting this community charity at every level. It was the PMC core belief in equality and opportunity for all, which led to the start of the partnership back in 2008.

Speaking about the PMC partnership with the Akshar Trust, Ms. Nisha Grover, Hon. Founder director, of the Trust, explained, "It is the sustained support of PMC to Akshar Trust that is a unique model. It helps Akshar to focus on its core work, confident that the corporate is available to provide IT and other much-needed help. It is, indeed, an invaluable relationship for Akshar."

PMC Charity work across two Continents

In the UK, PMC is also a proud sponsor of Adoption UK. Adoption UK is a national charity run by and for adopters, providing self-help information, advice, support and training on all aspects of adoption and adoptive parenting.

Through company donations and the fund-raising efforts of our team, PMC has previously enabled Adoption UK to launch its website and community forum. Later this year, PMC will be embarking on a Ridgeway Marathon Challenge, an ambitious endeavour involving a 26 mile walk along Britain’s oldest road.