Opinion: New Challenges for Technology Service Providers

Four months into her role as PMC Senior Account Manager, Janet Szabo shares her thoughts about what makes PMC different and what it takes to be a leading Technology Service Provider:

"The last twelve months have been extremely challenging for retailers. In an article recently published in Charged Retail1 , Paul Mason examined the common qualities of the retailers who have survived and thrived during the pandemic. The winners being those who easily adapted to meet the consumers’ changing needs.

But what does this mean for the technology partners supporting them? How must technology service providers rise to the challenges of the changed retail landscape?"

Core Values and Service Quality Excellence

"Throughout my career, I’ve seen that visionary leadership equally matched by consistently high standards in service delivery are central to the success of any service provider. So it’s significant that PMC core values today are still defined by Paul Mason’s original vision for a business that would go the extra mile and always do the right thing for customers.

As a Senior Account Manager, I see this reflected in the Satisfaction Survey results from our customers and in the number of ‘extra mile’ nominations that celebrate individuals or teams who have shown discretionary effort to meet a tight deadline or exceed customer expectations. Positive customer feedback is great for everyone and serves to reinforce the behaviors that underpin our culture."

Why Openness and Honesty matter!

"Of course, the strength of a business’ culture is most tested when things don’t quite go to plan. At PMC we believe in being open and honest with each other and with our customers. This ensures that the right conversations happen with the right people, at the right time and together we focus on the action needed to get back on track.

I spoke with Tony Gorham, PMC Head of Project Delivery, who leads a team of highly-skilled Programme Managers, Project Managers, and Business Analysts with collective experience across all retail sectors and technologies. Explaining what outstanding customer service means to him and how this is embodied across his team."

When our customers come to us, they want a seamless, problem-free project delivery. PMC’s culture of being open and honest makes this possible. As independent delivery managers, we can ensure unbiased clear communication with their in-house delivery teams and stakeholders to facilitate successful project delivery. That’s why our customers trust us for their project delivery. My team and I are passionate about doing a great job and delivering successful programs and projects for our customers

Tony Gorham, PMC Head of Project Delivery

Accelerating the Pace of Change

"Back to my question of how Technology Service Providers must rise to the challenge:

Historically, Retail has always been a dynamic and ever-changing industry, but the pandemic has accelerated the pace of digital transformation. As a result the reliance on technology partners has never been more critical. Retailers need help to adapt to the changing landscape in the most timely and cost-effective ways.

In my view, the most successful technology providers will be those who are fleet of foot, able to flex and continue to evolve their services in anticipation of the changing needs of our retail sectors. At PMC, our flexible teams of retail specialists located in two locations in the UK and India ensure we can respond rapidly to customer needs – at the pace demanded by them to deliver maximum commercial impact.

To meet the challenges posed by the pandemic PMC will continue to do what it has always done: Put the customer first and provide cost-effective, agile delivery solutions without compromising on quality - and I’m delighted to be a part of what PMC has to offer!

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. You can also find out why our customers rate PMC Professional Services."

1. https://www.chargedretail.co.uk/2021/03/01/what-marks-out-the-retailers-who-survive-and-thrive/

Original LinkedIn Post

Janet Szabo is a PMC Strategic Account Manager, with a focus of understanding the needs of PMC customers and working with them to provide the right solutions and services to overcome the challenges of today and optimise future opportunities.

Janet has over 30 years of experience in the retail, IT solutions and service sectors, working with leading high street retailers in Management and Account Director roles for several software solutions and service providers.

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