Retail Testing Services

PMC provides exceptional-quality, manual and automated retail testing services for defect identification and management. From our Centre of Excellence for Retail and Commerce Testing, we de-risk software solutions and prevent subsequent issues occurring in production environments.

Early identification of software and system defects increases confidence in systems and application performance, whilst also reducing development timescales. Testing identifies defects that would otherwise result in poor system performance with a detrimental effect on customer experience.

Reduce Software Testing Time by 90%

Today’s modern IT infrastructure comprises a greater number of applications and high rate of change, releases, upgrades. Test Automation is recognised as the most effective means to deliver short release cycles and improved quality, alongside a faster time to market and reduced costs.

At the same time, IT teams are deploying agile development methodologies, contingent upon having a robust automated regression pack in place, and integrate multiple vendor systems. All of which makes software testing more complicated and Automation more critical to maintaining the pace of change.

PMC Test Automation services have shown to reduce manual testing effort by up to 70% and reduce Software Testing Time by 90%, whilst existing PMC automation assets ensure rapid Automation set up.

PMC’s range of bespoke automation solutions typically reduce manual test effort by up to 70%, whether this is e-commerce, API, mobile, POS or other systems testing. Additionally, running those automated tests would be expected to take less than 10% of the equivalent manual testing time.

Nigel Standing, PMC Testing Manager

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Flexible Testing Resources that scale with Business Need

PMC Testing teams comprise highly skilled and experienced, professional testers. Our teams provide the flexibility and scalability not easily achievable with an internal team. 

Our Test Automation services are backed by extensive research and development into the use of the latest technologies. Our tool-agnostic and open-source approach serves to minimise the licensing and maintenance costs.

PMC provides:

  • Fixed or flexible resourcing models including ‘Testing as a Service’
  • High-level health checks and strategic planning
  • Full-project management and implementation
  • Clear governance, detailed reporting and on-time execution.

So you can:

  • Accelerate delivery or increase the scope of an existing project
  • rapidly deploy a self-contained testing strategy
  • Augment an existing testing team
  • Eliminate high overheads and reduce costs when testing volumes are lower
  • Rapidly scale testing resources as activity increases

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