IT Project Delivery Services

Maximise ROI on your IT projects

Every capital investment you make needs to deliver a clear return to your business - and IT projects are no different.

PMC make sure all projects are completed to the highest quality, on budget and on time, working with your vendors to ensure they deliver the solution you were sold and helping you get value from it from day one.

By working closely with all your stakeholders, our deliver managers make sure the scope of your project is clearly understood and agreed upfront. They then deliver your project for you, making sure any risks, issues, and dependencies are mitigated, resolved and tracked, ensuring there is no impact on your end customers.

If a project is starting to show signs of not delivering on time or on budget, we provide a project health-check review, assessing where the issues and delays are and providing a plan to quickly rectify.

Our project delivery team have a wide range of experience in managing programmes and projects of varying sizes and complexity, including recovering those at risk of failure. The types of projects we have been involved in include:

  • E-Commerce/Web platforms
  • Payment Services replacements/upgrades
  • Point of Sale systems replacements/upgrades/improvements
  • ERP systems – replace, implement, upgrade and/or improve
  • Digital transformation programmes
  • Warehouse Management system implementations
  • CRM implementations
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PMC Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

In this rapidly changing environment with much uncertainty due to Coronavirus, I would like to assure all PMC customers and business partners that PMC has put in place active measures to ensure continuity in the delivery of our services.

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