Retail IT Project Delivery

A lack of specialist in-house skills can hinder the pace of IT change and business transformation. This is problematic if existing systems are not scalable or lack the functionality required to deliver an engaging customer experience.

PMC provides IT Project Delivery services for business-critical projects. Our highly experienced, multi-skilled project and programme management teams successfully deliver projects on time, to scope and within budget.  


Independent Accountability

We bring a high level of independent accountability to programme and project management, resulting in the consistent delivery of successful projects.

Project methodologies and a pragmatic approach are combined with clear governance to ensure all stakeholders are fully on-board for successful project completion.

Governance and quality assurance

Our governance model ensures customers can critically evaluate project performance and be confident of successful project delivery. Our project delivery teams will quickly mitigate risks and issues to further improve project outcomes.

Project Delivery as a Service

PMC can readily scale a project team, bring in additional specialists, or adjust the team size to align with existing in-house resources as required. With no minimum commitment for size or duration, our customers see great results.

Customer Testimonial

PMC have supported us in a broad range of initiatives that have enabled us to provide a great experience to our customers. The team at PMC are highly skilled and able to work on old and new technology alike, their greatest asset being the level of pragmatism and willingness to undertake any task great or small, and take it to completion.

Danny Dawes, Bravissimo Business Systems Engineering Manager


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Nichola Blandford
Sales Manager

Cy Pearson
Head of Business Development

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