The third-largest metropolis city in the state of Gujarat – Vadodara, is the cultural capital of Gujarat.  Home to beautiful architecture, Vadodara is the second home to Paul Mason Consulting.

PMC India was incorporated in 2008 with a staff of five employees. Today, we have a strong team of over 250 employees operating from our Vadodara office, which is integral to the operations of over fifty leading retailers of the UK. 

Situated in the heart of the city, our Vadodara office is spread over an area of 20,400 Sq. Ft. Our business is operated 24*7 through our state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

At PMC, we strongly believe in the concept of ‘Work-Life Balance’ and ‘Result-Driven Approach’. We believe that our families are central to what we do, and our work is part of our lives. 

With a continual process of rewards and recognition, we encourage our employees to perform at their full potential. Our endeavour towards open-culture is supported through continuous and transparent dialogue between employees and the management team. At Vadodara office, we are proud of our initiative - Women Around You (WAY) that aims to support, inspire, and challenge our female employees, and help them in their career progression at PMC.

The safety of all employees and trust among our teams is our prime focus. Numerous events and activities throughout the year make PMC is a fun place to work at. Our association with Akshar Trust- our nominated community charity in India, holds a special place in the heart of every employee at Vadodara, India office.


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