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Create more engaging shopping experiences faster

When it comes to providing new services to your customers and staff, time is of the essence. Being agile react to meet changing demands and ever-increasing compliance and security, will set you apart from the competition and help you achieve rapid growth.

So how do you achieve this in a complex retailing environment without breaking the bank?

Store Enabler - in-store services at speed

Store Enabler unifies all your in-store services to work seamlessly in a secure, managed in-store framework. This means you can deliver new services within weeks rather than months, reducing operational costs, and getting you ahead of the game. For example, deploying new payment methods quicker can save you £1000s, especially if you are implementing them in a new territory.

Store Enabler provides the in-store mobile and fixed integration platform, in a fast and efficient way, handling the flexible use of the payment, printing, scanning, third party, and external cloud services, with options to deploy across Android, iOS and/or Windows.

We manage the complexity – so you don’t have to

Store Enabler integrates with all major UK payment providers and hardware manufacturers meaning you can simply deploy your solutions with no additional development needed. And you don’t need to worry about upgrades; we’ll manage everything for you.

With QR and remote configuration functionality and single sign-on for all in-store apps, deploying and maintaining solutions becomes quick and effective with no more engineer visits or costly upgrades.

We have your future in our sights

Store Enabler future-proofs your investment, giving you the flexibility to provide hardware (mobile and fixed), operating system, and new software services without having to re-implement the solution.

With a full roadmap of exciting new modular additions, we give you the freedom of choice when it comes to which providers you use in your unified journey in-store while reducing the need for future investment and complexity.


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