In Conversation with Huw Thomas

Our ‘In conversation with Huw Thomas’ series is written by blogger Bethan Williams, alongside PMC. Based on conversations with our Managing Director, Huw Thomas.

Bethan is an anthropology graduate turned dance teacher turned blogger and writer. This series takes snippets of the conversations between Huw and Bethan, where their interests and areas of knowledge overlap, and turn them into pieces which are relevant to retail and business in general.

Read the series below;

Gender Equality in the Workplace

The ‘Clicktivist’: Ethical Consumerism in a Fast Paced World

Omnichannel Shopping

The Online vs. In-Store Shopping Experience

Tales about Retail

Embodying the Omni-Channel Consumer!


Keeping Customers Loyal; CRM and Data-basing

Loyalty Schemes: it’s all in the Name

Brand Tribalism

Brand Tribalism, Loyalty and the Power of the Collective