Installations, Moves, Adds and Changes

Whether it’s the addition of a new store or the deployment of an entirely new retail solution, effective management and delivery of IT changes is critical to the success of any organisation.

Military style precision and planning is called for to ensure that defeat is not snatched from the jaws of success.

We work with retailers to plan, schedule, test and manage the IMAC process. Our end – to – end services provides you with an extension of your internal team to complete IT changes successfully on time and within budget.


Why PMC?

Specialist retail knowledge

All members of our team have a retail background. As well as being experts in their line of work they understand your environment, your needs and the issues you need to address throughout the deployment process.

Experienced & qualified pool of resources

Our fully-qualified team combine their industry experience and proven technologies with a focus on quality to give you complete confidence in the process.


We ensure retailers get the most out of their investment by providing affordable and dependable resources. There are discounts available based on volume and mix of resourcing. Because you don't need to hire a full time deployment team you cut costs and additional overheads associated with employing full time staff. We also offer discounts based on volume and mix of resourcing.


We have the capability to rapidly increase the size of your deployment team if and when you need us to.