Remote Monitoring & Management Services

PMC provides a 24hr operational service covering remote monitoring, alerting and event management, including preventative hardware and retail software maintenance for operational support systems.

We can automate the deployment of retail software, manage patches, and proactively resolve issues across your complete environment. Our proactive approach to incident resolution through self-healing reduces the need for staff to manually log issues with the Service desk.

PMC’s next-generation remote monitoring and event management solution, Raptor, is a  backed by our experienced Managed Services experts. Raptor provides powerful automation, self-healing and remote monitoring, to save time and reduce costs.

By then combining RMM with our Mobile Device Support and Management service we can support the full suite of devices across your estate and manage them through a single pane of glass.

Why Partner with PMC for Remote Monitoring and Management Services? 

The 24x7 operation of legacy or new applications and systems is critical for the performance of any business and its employees. Maintaining the required level of visibility can be costly, not least when a business is dealing with limited resources, handling out of hours service outages, or threshold breaches, with a need to respond 24/7. With reliance on key employees to resolve issues, especially if this is out of hours, can come a single point of failure. 

By partnering with PMC our customers are able to:

  • Retain focus on business priorities, such as future strategies, key projects, planned moves to new platforms, or digital transformation
  • Improve reporting of service performance and trend analysis
  • Maintain a healthier IT Infrastructure
  • Achieve cost efficiencies from PMC co-located teams
  • Embed a proactive approach to incident resolution through self-healing
  • Eliminate the need to staff to manually log issues with the Service desk
  • Plan for new applications and system upgrades.

Connect with one of our Team on LinkedIn to find out more:

Nichola Blandford

Nichola Blandford
Sales Manager

Harriet York

Harriet York
Sales Manager

Anand Raniga

Anand Raniga
Head of Strategic Growth – B2C

Cy Pearson

Cy Pearson
Head of Business Development

Ensuring Transparency and Continual Service Improvement

PMC manages the end to end lifecycle of infrastructure of a customer's head office (back office) or in-store IT estate, in accordance with the ITIL framework. We provide IT asset management services, including audits to identify the operational assets within the business and track them through their lifecycle. We prime hardware and software maintenance for retailers across the retail store and head office environment. According to customer preference, PMC can contract a partner or directly manage an IT maintenance contract on behalf of the customer.

We deliver comprehensive, meaningful and actionable reporting, embedded in face-to-face customer reviews and a methodology founded on the principles of Continual Service Improvement (CSIP). Our Service Delivery teams drive multi-level reporting, Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSS), Continual Service Improvement (CSI) programmes and Exec level reviews on a regular basis.

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