Development Delivery Service

Interested in a different approach to developing your Retail applications? At PMC we build a development service that delivers high quality solutions that meet the needs of your business. Our approach is to understand your requirements and create an effective delivery service that enhances your IT capability.

Whether it’s the drive to reduce risks around legacy applications, or the desire to build new Retail applications, we provide suitably skilled teams that enhance your delivery projects. Understanding your business and how you work is key to our success. We create a service that complements your methodologies, skills and processes, whilst ensuring our experience and approach bring efficiency and high quality deliverables.

With our wide range of skills in multiple technologies and retail specific experience, we can handle everything in your development project, from specification, design and development through to testing and implementation, we can even provide ongoing support once your project has gone live.

Don’t let your IT budgets constrain you from delivering what your business needs. Our customers deliver more without compromising productivity or quality.

Why PMC?

• Tried and tested engagement models that drives real benefits for our customers.
• We provide the complete development delivery service.
• Our Retail experience aligns to your needs.
• We make your IT budgets go further without compromising quality or productivity.

PMC Develop Multi-Channel Reward Card for Paperchase

Featured Case Study

PMC Develop Multi-Channel Reward Card for Paperchase

We wanted to work on this new solution with PMC as they know us and our systems very well. They understood our desire to build emotional connections with customers and designed the system on true multi-channel principles with a single view of the customer. This will form a solid basis for our future marketing plans. In the coming months we will also begin development of an app with Redbox Digital and PMC to supplement the ‘Treat Me’ card."

Joe Irons, Multichannel Director, Paperchase

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