Dedicated Database Support Services

Fully Covered, Dedicated Resource, Peace of Mind

With PMC Dedicated Database Support Services, our DBAs assume full responsibility for understanding and managing a customer’s overall database environment. We develop and implement a holistic approach to your database administration from development, through testing, to production.

We tailor and design our bundled service packages to meet specific business needs. PMC will provide certified and experienced DBA resources on a dedicated, full-time basis, to form part of your existing in-house technical team. This DBA, or team of DBAs, can be based in one of PMC's offices, your own office, or a blend of both. 

The DBA resource dedicated to your business will be responsible for the performance, integrity, and security of your databases. Your dedicated DBA, or DBAs, can be aligned & committed to your business's database architecture targets, including resolving issues, identifying risk areas & improvement planning.

PMC Dedicated Database Services will provide:

  • 24/7 Database Support with dedicated DBAs to troubleshoot and resolve database issues and avert downtime
  • Proactive Database Monitoring and Alerting to identify any issues before they become significant problems
  • Database Tuning to optimise performance and eliminate speed issues
  • Database Health Checks to provide a comprehensive overview of database health
  • Current and future strategy development, addressing design, architecture, road mapping, scalability improvements, license optimisation, database upgrade assessments and GDPR compliance checks
  • Capacity and system planning to review the available database and table space, to pre-empt disk space shortage
  • Monthly reporting of database performance

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