Database Retainer Services

On-Demand, Flexible, Secure

The PMC Database Retainer service provides experienced and expert database resources in the event of a database issue or emergency, with our certified PMC DBAs available on demand 24x7. Our Retainer service can release your in-house DBAs to focus on project work, and we can provide cover for periods of planned or unplanned in-house DBA absence.

As experts in remote database support, with years of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server DBA experience, PMC specialises in supporting client database systems of any size and scale. The required levels of support and management are defined from the outset, from a full administration and management service, to smaller and more targeted support and monitoring solutions.

PMC can provide Database support at any stage in a programme of work. Our flexibility enables us to support a temporary team expansion as easily as we can provide the complete remote replacement of outgoing teams. Our experienced DBA teams can resolve problems with resourcing, database performance, testing, backup and disaster recovery.

PMC Database Retainer Services Benefits

  • Access to a pool of certified and experienced DBAs for less than the cost of a single in-house resource.
  • Remove the in-house team issues of holiday and absence cover, or costly training
  • Flexible resourcing model to replace high fixed costs with scaled variable costs
  • Visible, monthly reporting and recommendations for continuous improvement
  • On demand 24x7 DBA availability for routine tasks, incident support and projects
  • Option to amortise annual costs monthly

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